• Liverpool One Liverpool One
    Anodised aluminium interlocking soffit tray system and secret fix copings over canopied walkway at basement, ground and upper levels in main shopping complex.
  • Emirates Stadium Emirates Stadium, London
    Mill finish aluminium interlocking soffit tray and bullnose fascia system to pitch side and external elevations.
  • Queens Hospital Queens Hospital, Romford
    Polyester powder coated aluminium fascias, soffits, secret fix coping and louvres to external elevations.
  • Bury, The Rock Bury, The Rock
    Aluminium shingles, curved copings, ACM fascias and column casings
  • Victoria Gate Victoria Gate, Leeds
    Plasmet PR-600 tongue and groove aluminium rainscreen system with 20mm vertical and horizontal joints.
  • Albion Riverside Albion Riverside, London
    360 linear metres of facetted powder coated aluminium bullnose fascias with secret fix joint
Case Studies / Hillside Flats, Sheffield

THE TOWER BLOCKS OF HILLSIDE date from the late 1950’s with in situ concrete frames, cavity brickwork panels and open balconies to one elevation. The original electric heating system was inadequate and prohibitively expensive to run in the face of under-insulated walls and heat loss through the concrete floors. Water ingress through rotting frames added to the problem of condensation.

THE DESIGN BRIEF called for greatly improved thermal efficiency, weather protection and a life extension of thirty years without major maintenance.

An external/insulation/overcladding solution was required which would add minimal extra weight and allow the removal of panels for periodic inspection of the structure. The cladding system could be fixed only to the perimeter concrete floor beams at 2.54 metre centres, with no additional load placed upon the brickwork skins between.

Finally, to prevent the spread of fire through the cladding void, horizontal fire breaks were required at every floor.

To meet these criteria within set budget limits, the Sheffield DBS Architects chose the Plasmet PR-400 aluminium rainscreen system.

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