• Liverpool One Liverpool One
    Anodised aluminium interlocking soffit tray system and secret fix copings over canopied walkway at basement, ground and upper levels in main shopping complex.
  • Emirates Stadium Emirates Stadium, London
    Mill finish aluminium interlocking soffit tray and bullnose fascia system to pitch side and external elevations.
  • Queens Hospital Queens Hospital, Romford
    Polyester powder coated aluminium fascias, soffits, secret fix coping and louvres to external elevations.
  • Bury, The Rock Bury, The Rock
    Aluminium shingles, curved copings, ACM fascias and column casings
  • Victoria Gate Victoria Gate, Leeds
    Plasmet PR-600 tongue and groove aluminium rainscreen system with 20mm vertical and horizontal joints.
  • Albion Riverside Albion Riverside, London
    360 linear metres of facetted powder coated aluminium bullnose fascias with secret fix joint
Products / Secret Fix Coping System

Secret fix copings offer an attractive, low maintenance capping to parapet and perimeter walls. Formed to “snap” onto pre-fixed brackets the system is simple to install yet both rigidly and concelaed fixed.

Material thickness, width, depth and appearance vary to suit each individual application. Copings are available in our complete range of finishes in aluminium or stainless steel. Aluminium copings can be either anodised or polyester powder coated in a wide range of colours and finishes. Please see material specifications and powder coating specifications for further details.

There are three standard profiles available, all with the same easy fit bracket system that enables quick installation.


Each type of profile is available with a complete range of accessories to ensure quick installation and a professional finish.

Please select from one of the tabs below or use the navigation buttons to find out more.

Corner sections are available to suit any required angle, either extrenal or internal.

Different coping profiles and pitches can be merged. Supplied with either full or half brackets.


Tee-Sections are suitable for wall intersections and individually fabricated to suit any required angle and wall level.

Different profiles can be merged to ensure a clean transitions. Supplied with appropriate brackets.

Stop Ends

Stop end upstand supplied complete with 1 bracket


Curved sections are supplied upto 3 metres in length and manufactured as either fully welded sections or facetted and supplied with either full or half clips, depending on radius.


Upstands are available to suit any required angle, either extrenal or internal.

Different coping profiles can be merged seamingless to ensure a clean transition between required cover widths.

Copings are manufactured upto a maximum of 3000mm long x 500mm cover width. For copings exceeding 500mm wide special consideration may be required depending on application.

A complete range of accessories is also available, purposely manufactured to suit each individual project, ensuring quick and a professional finish.

Full technical details can be obtained by downloading our Wall Coping Specification, which is available by clicking here.