• Liverpool One Liverpool One
    Anodised aluminium interlocking soffit tray system and secret fix copings over canopied walkway at basement, ground and upper levels in main shopping complex.
  • Emirates Stadium Emirates Stadium, London
    Mill finish aluminium interlocking soffit tray and bullnose fascia system to pitch side and external elevations.
  • Queens Hospital Queens Hospital, Romford
    Polyester powder coated aluminium fascias, soffits, secret fix coping and louvres to external elevations.
  • Bury, The Rock Bury, The Rock
    Aluminium shingles, curved copings, ACM fascias and column casings.
  • Victoria Gate Victoria Gate, Leeds
    Plasmet PR-600 tongue and groove aluminium rainscreen system with 20mm vertical and horizontal joints.
  • Albion Riverside Albion Riverside, London
    360 linear metres of facetted powder coated aluminium bullnose fascias with secret fix joint.
Products / Fascia Profiles

Plasmet's fascia profiles are individually manufactured to order, and offer a complete bespoke solution to suit each individual project. Typical fascia components and available options are listed below. However, please contact our technical sales team for any unlisted requirements, where they are ready to assist you with any questions related to your project. All profiles are available in our standard and non-standard range of materials and finishes.

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Flashings and Trims

Flashings and trims are manufactured in a wide range of profiles to suit the requirements of individual projects. Available in wide range of materials and finishes including galvanised steel, aluminium, stainless steel, Colourcoat HPS200® and zinc.

Using CNC controlled shears and folding machines, profiles can be formed up to 4 metres long in either straights, lockformed curves (for pre-coated materials) or fully welded and dressed(for mill finish products). Fabricated internal/ external mitred corner units and individual bespoke designs are manufactured utilising state of the art 2 and 3D CAD detailing facilities.

Various jointing methods are available including standard joining straps and secret fix systems.

Bullnose and Elliptical Profiles

Bullnose and elliptical aerofoil fascias create strong aesthetic impact for a building. Accurately formed bullnose profiles are produced using the most up to date CNC press brakes and machine rolls. Available in various sections and profiles, lengths are available up to 4 metres with either standard joining strap or secret fix joints.

Using the latest 3D CAD/CAM software, machinery and manufacturing techniques allows us to accuratley manufacture bullnose and aerofoil profiles to precise radii and follow the most complex building contours.

A full range of ancillary components are available to complement these fascias, allowing complete design freedom.

  • Welded and Loose Stop Ends
  • Mitred Corners
  • Curved Bullnose Corners
  • Verge and Eaves Intersections
I-Feature Profile
Plasmet's I-feature beam profile enhances the asthetical appearance of any building envelope.

To suit the requirements of individual projects, various details can be incorporated including welded mitred corners and complex cruciform intersections where horizontal and vertical profiles intersect. Joints are either visibly or secret fixed

Available in various sizes, shapes and orientations, profiles are manufactured in wide range of materials including:
  • 1.6, 2.0mm & 3.0mm Aluminium Polyester powder coating (PPC) by approved applicator to BS6496 1984
  • 2.0mm & 3.0mm Aluminium Anodised, 25 micron minimum for external finish by approved applicator to BS3987 1991
  • 1.2mm & 1.5mm Stainless Steel natural, polished or patterned rigidised stainless steel

Fascias are manufactured with either standard or secret fix joints and designed to integrate seaminglessly with Plasmet's soffit systems. Lengths are available up to 4 metres, however, this may vary according to material, thickness and colour. Please contact us for specific requirements.