• Liverpool One Liverpool One
    Anodised aluminium interlocking soffit tray system and secret fix copings over canopied walkway at basement, ground and upper levels in main shopping complex.
  • Emirates Stadium Emirates Stadium, London
    Mill finish aluminium interlocking soffit tray and bullnose fascia system to pitch side and external elevations.
  • Queens Hospital Queens Hospital, Romford
    Polyester powder coated aluminium fascias, soffits, secret fix coping and louvres to external elevations.
  • Bury, The Rock Bury, The Rock
    Aluminium shingles, curved copings, ACM fascias and column casings.
  • Victoria Gate Victoria Gate, Leeds
    Plasmet PR-600 tongue and groove aluminium rainscreen system with 20mm vertical and horizontal joints.
  • Albion Riverside Albion Riverside, London
    360 linear metres of facetted powder coated aluminium bullnose fascias with secret fix joint.
Products / Architectural Fabrications

As well as providing fa├žade and rainwater management solutions, Plasmet also deliver a complete range of architectural features engineering solutions including louvres, column casings, soakers, ridge ventilators and service access points. Our state of the art manufacturing facility allows us the capability to manufacture from one-off requirements, through to large-scale production.

As a long established company, Plasmet has within its team a well established history of experience in manufacturing metal pressings and fabrications.

  • The company's range of CNC controlled guillotines, press brakes and folding machines provide the capacity for forming profiles up to 4000mm in length. We have a large selection of tooling which allows us to form complex profiles bends such as corrugations as well as standard folds.Using off-line programming maximises available production time on the press brake for the actual bending of parts and increases productivity and reduces lead times.
  • Our multi-tool CNC turret punch has a large working range capable of punching materials up to 1500mm wide and 6mm thick. Components are drafted using our advanced CAD/CAM system which optimises sheet sizes and machine run times
  • A wide range of welding and metal finishing facilities available for steel, stainless steel, aluminium.
  • State-of-the-art CAD/CAM programming systems allows three dimensional modeling of proposed details to allow on screen designing and can clearly identify manufacturing options available as well as ensuring total accuracy in transferring drawings to manufactured items.
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Plasmet louvre systems are manufactured to project specific requirements and provide permanent ventilation, weather protection and visual screening for a wide range of applications.

Options available include insect and bird mesh, and a complete range of materials and colours, including: mill and powder coated aluminium, plastisol leathergrain, PVF2, Corus HPS and Prisma steel.

Our louvre systems offer a wide choice of blade profiles, providing good protection against weather penetration and low resistance to airflow. Banks of panels can be made to any practicable shape or size and form an architectural feature of a building.

Where the visual effect of a louvre is required but air flow and ventilation is not always necessary then a cost effective solution is to use a 'dummy louvre'

Column Casings

Column casings are available in various shapes including round, elliptical, oval or square profiles, and suitable for either internal or external applications with various fixing solutions.

Available in a wide range of standard and non-standard materials and finishes including stainless steel, aluminium and various special finishes including marble and granite effect.


Soakers are available in various bespoke shapes and sizes to suit design requirements for flat, pitched and profiled cladding.

Manufactured in a wide range of materials including galvanised steel, aluminium and stainless steel. Finishes available on aluminium soakers are either mill finish or polyester powder coated. All soakers are fully welded to ensure water tightness.

Ridge Ventilators

Plasmet fixed ridge ventilators are designed to provide natural ventilation in buildings where nominal ventilation rates are required through solar gain, light engineering processes or general warehousing.

Suitable for mounting on all roofing material types, their low profile enables them to fit unobtrusively onto any building.

Standard ventilators are manufactured in 250 mm and 500 mm throat sizes, in 3.0 metre lengths. Units can be installed as individual ventilators or joined lengthways to form one continuous run. Bespoke sizes are available on request.

Available in wide range of pre coated materials and finishes including PVF2, Plastisol and Colourcoat HPS200®. Aluminium ventilators are supplied as either mill finish or polyester powder coated and provide a high resistance to corrosion.

Service Access Points

Plasmet's service access points provide a watertight solution necessary for the penetration of cable, telecom feeders and pipes into the building on flat roofs.

Manufactured in aluminium with a wide range of polyester powder coated finishes with removable access lid and front aluminium pull-out panel.

Units are manufactured to bespoke sizes according to the aperture opening requirements for each individual project.

Please click here info@plasmet.co.uk to contact Plasmet sales team, alternatively call us or email us for further information.

Our fabrication capabilities cover many products and applications. However, please contact our technical sales team for any unlisted requirements, where they are ready to assist you with any questions related to your project, including calculation notes, CAD drawings and material optimization required to reduce scraps and costs.